4 Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Your Grave Marker

Posted on: 23 February 2016

If you are planning a burial for a loved one with the help of a funeral home, like Holcombe-Fisher Funeral Home, or you are pre-planning your own funeral, you have probably been thinking about what sort of grave marker to purchase. Grave markers are a way to help you remember your loved one--or to help your loved one remember you--and they don't have to be generic. There are a number of interesting ways in which you can personalize a grave marker to make the site more special when visiting.


If you want your loved one to be remembered as they were, you can order a ceramic picture of them that can be placed on the grave marker. These ceramic pictures are specially crafted to withstand the elements and are affixed permanently to the grave stone. If you don't want a picture of your loved one, you can affix a picture that has special meaning to them or that displays their interests or even a picture that they took when they were living.


Instead of just having an inscription of your loved one's date of birth and date of death, you can have special inscriptions made. You might want to have a poem that had special meaning to your deceased loved one, a quote that encapsulates their life, or a quote that they often said while they were living. An inscription is an easy way for your loved one's personality to shine through on the grave marker.

Custom Sculpture

Instead of just having the standard grave stone, you might want to think about having a custom marker made. These markers can be made in different shapes and can highlight your loved one's interests. For instance, if your loved one had a love of birds, you can have the marker made in the shape of different birds. Custom markers can also have different shaped attached to a standard grave stone. Since a sculpture can be a bit more expensive, consider having a picture engraved instead on a slate marker.

Highlights and Accomplishments

In order to better highlight how your loved one lived, you can have the highlights of their life, as well as their varied accomplishments, put on their headstone. You might opt to have the standard name, birth and death date on the front of the gravestone, and then have their highlights and accomplishments on the rear of the grave stone.

Don't settle for standard when it comes to grave markers. Many of these personal touches will cost a bit more, but it is worth it for the personalization that they provide. You can mitigate some personalization costs by going with a more affordable material, like granite, instead of something like bronze. Talk to a grave marker dealer for more ideas on how to add your own unique touch to your grave markers.


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