• 4 Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Your Grave Marker

    If you are planning a burial for a loved one with the help of a funeral home, like Holcombe-Fisher Funeral Home, or you are pre-planning your own funeral, you have probably been thinking about what sort of grave marker to purchase. Grave markers are a way to help you remember your loved one--or to help your loved one remember you--and they don't have to be generic. There are a number of interesting ways in which you can personalize a grave marker to make the site more special when visiting.
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  • Hiding Out To Avoid Being Served? A Few Things You Need To Know

    Any time your presence is required in court because of some legal action being taken against you, or because you are needed as a witness, a summons will be issued. A process server then attempts to give you the documentation. In family law, the most common reason for being served is for a divorce. Some people think that if they can avoid the process server, the case is put on hold until you are served, in person, by having the documentation put in your hand.
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